Filip Babicz has made the first ascent "Oświecenie" D16 in the Tatra Mountain of Poland

23th January 2018 the Italian climber Filip Babicz has made the first ascent of Oświecenie in the Tatra Mountain of Poland. He lives in  Courmayeur, Aosta Valley. He’s proposing the grade of M16/D16, the first of its kind in Europe, the first in DTS style and the second ever. The Canadian Gord McArthur made the first ascent of ‘Storm Giant’ in 2017 and proposed the grade D16. This route is located in a cave near Cranbrook, British Columbia.

Babicz means to his route: “I spent one-and-a-half months there. At the time of my arrival in dicember 2017 the hardest route was Bafomet D14+, the most difficult drytooling route in Poland at the time. “I completed Bafomet, only to make another successful ascent of the Blair Witch Project with the grade D15 right after. In the meantime, the idea of the “Non Plus Ultra” line was born in my head: incomparably longer (the D16 climbing route has the overall length of 62 metres, compared with other routes at 30 metres and much more difficult than the previously existing routes as well.”


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