Pol Roca Lopez managed the eighth repetition of the 2016 Chris Sharma Boulder’s „Catalan Witness the Fitness“ (8B+). Pol Roca think it’s harder than 8B+, although it’s not his style. He is compliant with the proposal of the Chris Sharma. Almost all repeaters would rather see the Boulder at 8B+.

Pol Roca Lopez: „Catalan Witness The Fitness . I managed to close the circle after 3 years that I started to try this amazing problem with @chris_sharma . A month ago I set a goal to send it and this last Friday the dream come true !! It was a very hard mental battle for me. About the grade I think it’s harder than 8b+, although it’s not my style. The future will decide. Starting the year in a good way !! . „

Foto: (c) Ricardo Giancola