The Rieglerbrothers Florian and Martin managed one day before Christmas Eve last year a new mixed tour. They named the 60 meter long route „Tigermaul“ (M7, WI5+). The first Redpoint ascent got the two climber then one day before New Year’s Eve. The potential repeaters must be able to set up the stand themselves. The approach of the route is via the classic route „Jumbo“. The tip for the new route comes from Daniel Ladurner and Hannes Lemayr, which had also opened in December last year next to the left the new route „Airport“ (WI5 + / M4).

Fotos: (c) Duck Young

First Ascent:  23.12.2018 First Redpoint 30.12.2018

„Tigermaul“ (M8 WI5) – 2 Pitches ca. 60 m

Approach via „Jumbo Eisfall“ Langental in the valley Val Lietres

Material: 5 Express and 8 Ice Screws