Chiara sends "Sever the wicked hand" (XI/9a)

Chiara Hanke writes climbing history. In her home area, Chiara sends with „Sever the wicked hand“ the first female ascent of a 9a-route in Franconia. On the weekend Chiara manages the endurance route of Markus Bock on the „Hängenden Stein“ in the Frankenjura in the best conditions. Last year, Chiara also climbed the neighboring route (with the same exit) „Battle the Cat“ (XI- / XI or 8c +) on the same rock.

Chiara zu ihrer Begehung: „I felt it the whole night and it has robbed me of sleep. Do you know the feeling that you are about to climb throught? Today I climbed „sever the wicked hand(9a)“ in my home area Frankenjura . Such a great feeling to climb a route like this ! Thank you @christoph_hanke to be on my side and your great support with your crazy trainings instructions.  Thanks a lot for this great picture and for your company @white_van_media“ .

Foto: (c) Hans Radetzki (WhiteVanMedia)


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