Jorge Diaz-Rullo send FA 'Panatics' (9b)

Even the 19-year-old Spaniard Jorge Diaz-Rullo was able to send a first ascent of a 9b route in Rondellar with „Panatics“. If the difficulty is confirmed, it would be Jorge’s second 9b route and of course his first 9b first ascent. Only in May could Jorge manages the 5th ascent of „La Planta de Shiva“ (9b). „Panatics“ is a 60 meter long stamina and connects three routes together; „Pata Negra“ 8c at the beginning, the crux of „No pain no gain“ 9a + and ends at the belay of „Botanics“ 8b +.

The most impressive line that I have ever climbed! I didn’t think I could do it until the last bolt. Brutal amazing days with the best people! Thank you!“

Foto: (c) Javi Pec

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