Kullaberg is a striking outcrop of rock on a peninsula about 40 km north of Helsingborg, in Skåne (Scania) county in southern Sweden. The area lies in a nature reserve and offers climbing at over 50 different crags, many of them are sea-cliffs and it’s mostly trad climbing. In a proposed draft for new regulations of the nature reserve, the Swedish authorities, ”Länsstyrelsen“, added climbing to the list of prohibited activities, without motivating why. With around 1000 routes, Kullaberg is the biggest climbing area in southern Sweden and a climbing ban would be a total disaster for both the Swedish, and Danish climbing communities. The climbing community will take the fight against Goliath, but she need your help. Please sign the petition to help them!

The new regulations, in Swedish: https://www.lansstyrelsen.se/download/18.6a8f491016b944a8cbef0ca/1564063126206/F%C3%B6rel%C3%A4ggande%20kullaber%202019-07-26%20m%20bilagor%20Web%20kompr.pdf

Here the petition: