Roland Hemetzberger and Fabian Hagenauer were able to open their project on the left side of Buhl-Westwand at Maukspitze in the Wilder Kaiser (Austria) ground-Up last Friday. The difficulty of the route in the red point mode is according to the Roland certainly not below 8c +. The project started 7 years ago. Alexander Huber and Guido Unterwurzacher also started with a new tour. The project had to be suspended for seven years and Roland gained experience. After three more days, together with Fabian Hagenauer, he was able to climb the probably the hardest and most difficult pillar in the Kaisergebirge. The redpoint ascent will take some time to come, as it will certainly have the nine pitches and the route is likely to be one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the Alps.