Giani Clement reports on Instagram account, that he has done the second repeat of Michael Piccolruaz‘ ‚La Grosse Tarlouze‘ in Magic Wood, which is his third 8c. Michael Piccolruaz first ascented the boulder in 2015 and was repeated by Christof Rauch this year.

„Last week I managed to do the 2nd repetition of the endurance test piece, first ascended in 2015 by @michael.piccolruaz and repeated in 2019 by @christof_rauch. It was probably my biggest fight I ever had to climb a boulder. It was a fight against the massive pump, due to the length of more than 40 moves, as well as a fight with the icy cold temps which were difficult to handle.
The decisive factor for the successful ascent, apart from mental & physical aspects, was certainly the choice of the right tactics, especially because of the extremely cold rock, which tends to make my fingers so numb during climbing. A hot stone saved my life at the shaking point! I’m overjoyed that I was able to make the 3rd ascent and looking back I’m still speechless that I managed to climb so many great and hard boulders this year. Now I’m motivated for new challenges in lovely #ticino as soon as the rain stops and the weather becomes more stable. Many thanks to @jonathanheusserfor the support & psyche and BIG congrats for his well deserved sent of the classics “THE NEVER ENDING STORY“ 8B+/V14 and “MASSIVE ATTACK“ 8A+/V12. And also as many thanks for the support and cheering my up during the precious sessions, @swizzybouldering @stephi.moulin@kurtschurmann @yuri_meier“