David Graham reports on Instagram-Account that he has finished with ‚Trieste assis‘ and ‚Squoze‘ the last decade two hard boulders in Red Rocks;. The latter took just four sessions. In total, the 38-year-old has done 20 boulders in grade 8C or harder.

„An era comes to an end  and a new one begins. Happy I could finish off this decade and 2019 with some nice long days of stellar bouldering on beautiful and challenging rigs out in Red Rocks with @alizee_dufraisse  One boulder I didn’t expect to climb was Sqouze [8C]  This short and powerful @jwebxl compression climb seemed way out of my box and not and like something I would climb without epicing hard, yet after finding a few tweaks to the standard beta I surprised myself with a hail mary burn at the end of the 4th sesh !!!I was also able to finish of Trieste Assis [8C], an amazing resistance line, before departing onwards to the next adventure  Super excited for the next three months of rope climbing in !!! Vamossssss!!! Time to finish off some big projects and then find some more !!!! Happy New Year „