One of the best climbing and ‚Hoya Moros‘ is for sale. There is therefore a risk that access could be restricted or prohibited. A petition has now been launched.

The climbing and bouldering area ‚Hoya Moros‘ lies at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and is a popular summer area. In the area about three hours from Madrid there are over 1000 boulder problems, such as the high-end boulder „Eterno Legado“ 8C and „La Legión“ 8C in the best granite. There are also numerous multi-pitch routes to 200 meters in length.

The area, also known as ‚Sierra de Candelario‘, is not only popular for bouldering and climbing, but is also frequently visited by hikers, mountain bikers or ski tourers. It is located in a Natura 2000 area and is therefore a region worth protecting.
So far, the area of ​​’Hoya Moros‘, which covers around 500 hectares, could be entered without major restrictions. The area is now for sale, which could restrict free access or even make it impossible. „Could“, but not „must“. That is why it is important to sensitize politics to this.

A petition has now been launched to save the area. A meeting between the coalition and the local government will take place next week. It is therefore all the more important to sign the petition quickly.

Here the petition by

Photo: (c)Víctor Rodríguez