The Austrian Jakob Schubert sends the second Repetition of „King Capella“ 9b(+) und „La Capella“ 9b (9a+) in the spanish climbing crag Siurana. Let someone say that hard Olympic training doesn’t pay off. In the usual „Schubert manner“ Jakob downgraded both routes. Jakob needed for the repetition of „King Kapella“  only four days and then he sends two hours! later also the completely separate line „La Capella“. For „King Capella“ it was the third and for „La Capella“ the 6th ascent, see the hardest routes in the world.

After Alex is also quite cautious with the grading, this planet probably now has one 9b+ route less.

„Just a normal day at the office. 
On my 4th day on the route I was able to do the 2nd repetition of King Capella and just 2 hours later I could fight my way up La Capella (which is a completely separate line) as well to end a perfect day! Thanks for the psyche @alfons_dornauer .
Talking about the grades is difficult as always especially on these bouldery routes but I could see them both being one grade easier than previously suggested. King Capella probably felt like a hard 9b to me and La Capella definitely didn’t feel harder than 9a+ but those are just my thoughts
Amazing routes that‘s for sure and big respect to @will_bosi and @adam.ondra for putting them up. Video from just after the ascent of King Capella, there is uncut phone footage from both ascents which I will publish soon.

The route „King Capella“ first ascented in march this year by 21-year-old British shooting star William „Will“ Bosi. „King Capella“ is located to the left of „La Capella“ and, like „La Capella“ (9b), was bolted by David Brasco.

Update: Just like Alexander, Jakob now also managed a repeat of „La Furia de Jabalí“. It was the third ascent of the route, which Jakob sees more in grade 9a+:„3rd ascent after Will and Alex. 3rd try and right after flashing Jungle Speed, such a sick day! Really my style and with Alex‘s new beta I‘d grade this one 9a+ as well especially since I graded La Capella 9a+ and I think they are similarly hard. But who knows, this is my suggestion“