What takes a long time is going to be good – Bornholm fans had to wait almost a whole year for the new edition to be complete. But the endurance was worth it: with big 400 pages, the new climbing and travel guide by Karsten Kurz also shows what experts have known for a long time: the island offers the finest variety of climbing. Bouldering, traditional climbing and sport climbing, all preferences are served. The climbing and travel guide offers all information in German and English. The book describes not only the climbing areas but also worthwhile tourist activities on the pearl of the Baltic Sea and is therefore also a good travel guide. When the Corona crisis is over and summer vacation is approaching, Bornholm will be a perfect destination: in just 3.5 hours by ferry from Sassnitz, you can reach a nearby destination with the perfect combination of climbing and climbing in an ecologically exemplary manner and without any flight discomfort Bathing on the sandy beach. More information is available from the publisher of Geoquest Verlag at: KletterReiseFührer Bornholm.