The 15-year-old French Oriane Bertone manages the boulder ‚Satan i Helvete Low‘ 8C in Fontainebleau. It was the first ascent after a broken hold. Oriane is now proposing grade 8C for the boulder. The boulder was first ascented by Dave Graham as a stand start. Seb Frigault later added a low start. Before Oriane, only three women climbed a 8C difficulty boulder. With ‚Horizon‘ on Mount Hiei in Japan it was Ashima Shiraishi who bouldered an 8C for the first time. Four years ago, followed Kaddi Lehmann’s with the ascent of the boulder ‚Kryptos‘ on Morchelstock in Switzerland two years ago. At the beginning of this year the 13-year-old (!) Japanese Mishka Ishi was successful in the ‚Byaku-dou‚ boulder on Mount Hourai.