Ok, 8c + is not 9c, but it also speaks a bit for the tough ratings at the Veil Waterfall. „Only“ after 3 tries he climb the route „Lichtjahre“ by Markus Bendler. Alex also upgraded the route to hard 8c +. But it must also be mentioned that the route had not been inspected since a grip erupted.

„Had a great day at Schleier Wasserfall yesterday with @dickikorb, @michaelmeisl and the team of @ wilder.kaiser! After doing some amazing moderate pitches I had a look at“ Lichtjahre „which according to Markus Bendler didn’t have an ascent after a few things broke. I could do it third try and I’d say it’s around upper end 8c +. Thank you very much @ wilder.kaiser for the hospitality and the good times! I will be back again soon. There are still many things to climb. „

Fotos: (c) Michael Meisl

Photos: (c) Michael Meisl

Afterwards they went on to Arco, where Alex could climb the route „Underground“ (8c +) in „Flash“ mode. Cesar Brosso gave him the „perfect beta“ for him. which he spontaneously downgraded to 8c + after his flash.

„I did many trips to Arco but I was always saving this one for a potential flash try. I thought maybe I would feel ready one day. Turns out sometimes you just have to go for it! After doing „Claudio Caffè“ second try this morning I thought I might as well just go for Underground today. Big thank you to @cesar_grosso for giving me perfect beta and showing me all the moves and to @dickikorb for standing in that hole to belay us.“