Julia Chanourdie sends with „Sang Neuf“ in Pierrot Beach another 9a route . Immediately afterwards, of course, she tried the extension the route „Sweet Neuf“ (9a+), a first ascent by the strong Belgian Anak Verhoeven and so far the only 9a+ first ascent by a woman. Julia can’t climb through the quite high temperatures, but she wants to come back. In March Julia did the fourth ascent of the „Supercrackinette“ route in the French climbing area of ​​Saint-Léger. Julia proved that she can climb very hard when she was able to climb two more 9a in the past. Julia was also able to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The route „Supercrackinette“ was first climbed by Alex Megos in 2016 and flashed in 2018 by Adam Ondra. It was the first ever flash ascent of a 9a + route. Julia Chanourdie, along with Angy Eiter, Margo Hayer and Anak Verhoeven, belongs to the exclusive club of climbers who could climb a 9a + route.