Steve McClure, 50 years old, can first ascend a new top route with „Fixation“ in his home country Malham Cove. The route, a extesnion to ‚L’Obsession‚, 7c, has long been a project by Neil Gresham, who found and bolted the line.

„A new extension to L’Obsession. Absolutely awesome, and a route of contrasts, with a vertical techy lower wall and then super intense bouldery roof, all heel and toe action. One of the best I’ve done, and without doubt with the most exposure! Big thanks to @neil.gresham for finding and bolting this, and for the catches and showing the way. Neil Gresham @rockcityclimb @petzl_official @marmot_mountain_europe @fiveten_official“

Steve started sport climbing, when he was 24. At 26 he made his first 8a redpoint (in fact it was 8b) and within a year he did 8c+. Two years later, in 1998, he made the FA of Mutation as an 9a but as nobody has repeated it yet, the community now considers it as perhaps 9a+. In fact, only three climbers have repeated any of his FAs and for ‚Overshadow‘ 9a+, Adam Ondra said, „The upper end of the grade for sure, 3 stars.“ Two years ago he managed to set a monument for himself with „Rainman“ (9b) in Malham Cove (Great Britain). It was and is the hardest route on the British Isles.