Giuliano Cameroni sends another high end boulder after „Off the wagon low“  (8C+). He added a sit start to his own 8C boulder „Hazel Grace“ from 2017. The boulder on a block near the St. Gotthard in Switzerland can only be tried a few weeks a year, as it is mostly in or under the snow. At least the sit start was now snow free and Guiliano first ascented the boulder under top conditions. Giuliano unsure with the grading and gives 8C to 8C+. He tried it for a long time last summer and the summer before, probably around 30 sessions in total.

„First day of the season, what a day! A huge mountain of snow was surrounding the bloc, making it magical. Conditions were perfect and no pressure was involved. Checked out the moves, rested for half an hour and climbed it first try. Great moment where everything connected. So cool to have completed the three lines that I tried the most the past few years! Still unsure about the grade.. 8c or 8c+? Or both? More infos and video coming soon!“

Photo: (c) Stefan Kuerzi