In 2020, the eight pitches of the route „TRADÜNDITION“ on the west face of the Dündenhorn in Switzerland were first climbed by Peter Von Känel and Silvan Schüpbach, and on 15 October 2021 Silvan climbed Redpoint for the first time. In keeping with his first ascent style of using as few fixed belays as possible, the route was first ascended „clean“ despite persistent difficulties. It is probably the most difficult pure trad multi-pitch route in Switzerland. The route has a few fixed pitons and peckers, otherwise it has to be with nuts and friends.


FA: Peter Von Känel, Silvan Schüpbach 2020/21

FFA: Silvan Schüpbach, 15.10.2021

8a (7b+ obl), 230m, 8SL

2x Rack Totem Cams, Set Kk, ev. Hammer, NH und Peckers,

ev. Seilstücke zum Auswechseln

Infos: Silvan Schüpbach

Photos: Vladek Zumr,