Shawn Raboutou vermeldet dritte Begehung der „Livin’ Large“ (Fb8c), in den Rocklands in Südafrika. Es war nach James „Jimmy“ Webb die erst zweite Wiederholung des Boulders.

Der Erstbegeher Nalle Hukkataival meinte nach seiner Erstbegehung 2009: „I named it Livin‘ Large in the theme of the project name. Livin‘ Large is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever climbed and I feel confident saying that it’s a proper 8C. Before this, I believe the most time I’ve invested into a single problem is 5 days. Another interesting thought that crossed my mind is that Livin‘ Large took me more days than Jade took me tries. That being said, the crux on Jade is a very powerful yet simple move, whereas the movement on Livin‘ Large is anything but simple. Apart from the difficulty, Livin‘ Large is pretty much a perfect boulder problem in my eyes and I hope the upcoming seasons other climbers will get as psyched to try it as I was.“