Auch Adam Ondra ist jetzt wieder verstärkt am Naturfels unterwegs und konnte bei 14-tägigen Trip durch sein Heimatland im westböhmischen Klettergebiet Roviště die Route „Bohemian Rhapsody“ (9a+) erstbegehen. Es ist eine der schwersten Routen in Tschechien und wohl die schwerste Route in Böhmen. Roviště ist ein Granitklettergebiet in der Nähe von mit etwa 270 Routen südlich vom Prag an der Ufern des Flüsschens Vltava.

„I spent most of my time in the last two weeks climbing outdoors in various crags in the Czechia. The situation is looking good here, even climbing gyms have opened, but it is basically impossible to go abroad yet. It has been really nice revisit some of the crags I have neglected in the recent past but I loved them when I was little kid. Roviště is a great example of beatiful granite area close to Vltava river that I absolutely adored when I was like 8 years old.
I was lucky to find a very difficult link-up, very pumpy and very fun to climb and absolutely stoked to also find a good name for it – Bohemian Rhapsody 9a+ (hard), which makes it the hardest climb in Bohemia (west part of Czechia).
My camera crew was naturally there and it will be split into two episodes. Get stoked for some really good climbing footage! First episode already tomorrow!“

Picture by Martin Pelikan