Jonathan Siegrist konnte mit „Full Metal Brisket“ im US-amerikanischen Klettergebiet Summersville Sektor „The Coliseum“ in West Virginia seine dritte 9a+ Erstbegehung im diesem Jahr 2020 klettern. Die Route wurde vor 15 Jahren eingebohrt und er brauchte acht Sessions bis er den Umlenker sturzfrei klinken konnte.

„I heard about this wild project in the Coliseum on my first trip to West Virginia seven years ago. The rumor was that the moves had maybe all been done but linking them would be crazy. I wandered up the thing early in our trip here to find a route that, uniquely, seemed characterized by how bad the holds were and not so much by how far apart they were. A rarity in the New. It took a number of sessions and nearly exploding my knee to sort out the hyper cryptic crux. Then it took me a handful of days of incremental progress to start having promising tries, and lastly it took me several days after that of falling on the last move (hardest move) to finally send the bastard yesterday. What an absolute gift it is to find projects like this one, barely nail it with conditions, and have a super supportive group around you the whole time. I feel incredibly grateful! ‘Full Metal Brisket’ 15a is open for business… photo (and look out for video) thanks to homie Chad Umbel who also was part of the original vision“