The Japanese Ryohei Kameyama gets the first repetion of the Boulder „No Kapote Only“ (9A) in Fontainebleau. At least that’s what he says on his Instagram-account. If the difficulty of „No Kapote Only“ is confirmed, the Japanese would skip a complete bouldering grade. The Boulder is located in the area „Rocher Brûlé“ in the French bouldering area Fontainebleau and was the second boulder for which the ninth bouldering grade was proposed.

So far, Ryohei Kameyama has three Boulder on difficulty 8C in his account. In 2017 he was able to climb „The Big Island“ and „Jour de Chasse“ in Fontainebleau. The latter boulder , however, is classified as „soft“ or 8B +.

Ryohei says about the evaluation: „I feel „Burden of Dreams“ is more a little difficult than this problem. I think this boulder is v16/17 but I don’t climb many hard boulders like v15 or v16. So, I can’t compare with them. Parhaps my grading isn’t correct. I want to challenge other hard boulders!“