He finally made it. The currently best French climber Seb Bouin sends the first repeat of the Adam Ondra route „Move“ in Flatanger, Norway. Overall, He did five travels (2 – 3 weeks each travels) to redpointed this route in the Hanshallaren cave. Seb is the fifth athlete after Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma, Alex Megos and Stefano Ghisolfi who was able to reach this level of difficulty.

Seb: „You have to be a bit crazy to believe such a long time in a possible success. Fails after fails, still thinking the stuff possible. I did five travels (2 – 3 weeks each travels) to do this route. I did 4 travels alone from France. This means I started alone from France and I try to find partners on the crag. It’s quite hard mentaly to do that. Because you have the pressure of the route during your trip, but you are alone to control it.  Yet it’s a superbe opportunity to meet people and share your passion and emotions with. Thank you my parnters to support me in these projects Black Diamond EB-Climbing Altissimo AMAZONAS ultra-light Kayland Nature Climbing“.

Pic by Raphael Fourau