Alexander Megos criticized the implementation of the World Cup in Briançon in a review on his Instagram account. We think a lot of it is at least worth considering:

„Everybody seemed to be waiting for this world cup in Briançon last weekend.
I went to the comp with mixed feelings. I knew I hadn’t prepared for it and after a long and intense period on rock I felt like I needed a little bit of down time, so I wasn’t very psyched to try hard and compete. Nonetheless I thought I’ll go to see a few people I hadn’t seen in a while and to just climb without any pressure, just for fun.
I already heard in advance about various regulations to keep us athletes, spectators and officials safe from covid 19 and to minimize the risk of catching and spreading the virus.
Looking back at the comp now I’m really starting to question though if there had been put a lot of thought into this comp and it’s regulations. Does it make sense to tell some athletes they can’t warm up or cool down on an empty wall because of Corona regulations and then on the other hand have 5000 people standing side by side in front of the wall? Does it make sense to let the athletes warm up side by side without masks in the isolation area but then make them wear masks as soon as they enter an area where the public can see them?
In my eyes a lot of the restrictions and rules were questionable and didn’t make much sense when you allow a crowd of 5000 people to come and watch.
I also don’t think it is fair towards many athletes to call it a world cup if pretty much only Europeans can attend due to international travel restrictions.
All in all this comp was not as fun as I was hoping it would be. If future comps look like this I’m not sure I want to continue.
To finish on a positive note though, I got to finals, despite not climbing very well to get there. In finals for the first time ever I felt relaxed and confident straight away from the first move on. I felt flowy and I had a lot of fun during the time I was on the wall. Maybe I was a little too confident and relaxed and I shouldn’t have jumped for holds like I did and fall off, but it was fun! I’m pleased with my mental game in finals. Still needs a little fine tuning though.“