The Belgian Simon Lorenzi sends the FA of „Big Conviction“ 8C+/V16, a new line on the „Big Island“-Boulder in classic french boulder crag Fontainebleau. He linked „Conviction low“ (8B/+) with „Big island“ (8C). „Conviction low“ is the low start to „Conviction“. End of the last year the Belgian sends this extension . The last addition that i wanted to do on this amazing boulder. Since last year when i did „Soudain Seul“, i’ve been very nostalgic about this place and what i experienced there as a climber. Luckily for me an other hard start remained to be done and i really wanted to climb again in this incredible line of „Big Island“. But honestly to my eyes it meaned way more than climbing. It was also an opportunity to spend a bit more time there to share the same passion, same energy and fun as last year with friends like @camille_coudert_ , @tonioclimbing and many others in this special place. That’s the principal reason why i decided to invest some time to make the link between „conviction low“ and „Big island“. Thanks to @signarthur_ for the pictures and filming Simon Lorenzi sends also with the sit start of the classic „The Big Island“ one of the very big and „last problems“ in Fontainebleau. The boulder „Soudain Seul he graded unsurely with 9A. Nico Pelorson repeated the boulder first last march and grades cautiously at 8C+. Nico also used kneepads on his ascent. Photo: (c) Arthur Delicque