Der 14-jährige Alex (Zander) Waller war sehr erfolgreich in Red River Gorge. So gelangen ihm mit „Lucifer“ und „Southern Smoke“ zwei 8c+’s und außerdem noch eine Flash-Begehung von „Omaha Beach“ 8b+. Nun steht die Route „Golden River“ (9a) auf dem Speiseplan.

Alex meint dazu auf Instagram: „Connor and I woke up today extremely psyched, with the focus on sending one of the best climbs in the Red, Lucifer. After a long warm up, I managed to make it to the chains, and soon after, Connor followed with a seemingly flawless send (this was after we both punted a hold away from the break). This was probably the hardest I have tried for a route, and I am excited to see what the next three days hold.

I managed to round off my Red River Gorge trip with a rather unexpected send of Southern Smoke 5.14c/8c+, a flash of Omaha Beach, and a send of God’s Own Stone, one of the most fun climbs at the Red. Can’t wait to get back! Golden Ticket next!“

(c) Fotos Alexander (Zander) Waller bei Instagram