Die US-Amerikanerin Isabelle Faus kann mit „The Wheel of Fortune“ in Clear Creek Canyon in Colorado (USA)  ihren 17. 8b-Boulder klettern. Mit „Memory is Parallax“ versucht sie sich jetzt an einer 8B+. Es wäre der zweite Boulder für die US-Amerikanerin nach ‚Amandla‘ ,ein Rockland-Klassiker von Fred Nicole in Jahr 2015 in the  Rocklands und „The Wheel of Chaos“ im Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) im Jahr 2016.

Auf www.8a.nu schreibt Isabelle: „Started trying last year. two of the moves took me like ten sessions to be able to do… super outta my style… one huge move and another really dynamic pop. Coming of an injury I was kinda using this boulder as a way to learn how to do big moved. last year after a lot of effort I eventually made my way to the last move… and then we flew to Swiss the next day.. this year is got back to my high point quickly and fell there a bunch. Then yesterday I found slightly better beta for this move and did it pretty quick after that. Really satisfying to do moves easily that last year seemed crazy… next is the top section and try and link em“


















Foto: (c) Archiv Isabelle Faus