Jesús Muñoz Vaquero konnte mit „Eterno Legado“ im spanischen Hoya Moros nun seinen zweiten 8C-Boulder klettern. Der Boulder wurde 2017 von Alberto Rocasolano erstbegangen und wurde seidem nicht wiederholt. Auch in diesem Monat konnte „Chuchi“ mit „La Legión“ seine ersten 8C-Boulder klettern.

„After some rainy weeks, the weather was better and we could to climb to Hoyamoros. Although it was a little wet day, the cold present counteracted it. And after some attempts falling into the last movements, in my last try, i was able to link the 20 movements to complete it . Very happy for sent it. Yesterday „everything“ went well . My partner @juan_hm8 , also sent his 8A Aurora project and my friend @daturalabra , the superhero Labra, showed that falls from almost any height do not affect him, right? What a fright you gave us… This boulder goes for you dude . Let’s keep going!

Foto: (c)Víctor Rodríguez