Der Franke Moritz Welt kann mit „Thor’s Hammer“ 9a/+  in der Hanshallaren Höhle bei Flatanger in Norwegen seine bisher schwerste Route klettern und kommt seinem Ziel eine 9a+-Route zu klettern wieder ein Stück näher. Die Route von Magnus Midtbø eingebohrte Route wurde von Adam Ondra vor fast zehn Jahren erstbegangen und wurde von im ursprünglich mit 9a+ eingestuft, aber gilt mittlerweile eher als 9a/+.

Moritz hat mittlerweile 14 Routen im Grad 9a auf seinem Konto. Die meisten natürlich in seinem Heimatgebiet im Frankenjura.

„My main objective of this trip has finally come down! And it turned out to be one of the biggest fights I’ve ever had, mentally and physically. For 3 weeks I only struggled with the first 10 meters out of the total 60. But since the rest of the route is still crazy hard, I didn’t even know how it’ll go as soon as I pass this first crux. Well, 3 days ago, after changing my beta multiple times I somehow managed to do so and surprisingly I made my way even through the second and third crux, and reached the final rail. I was afraid to fall there and that’s exactly what happened, 2 meters below the chains, 5 moves of ~7a to go.
I didn’t know if I would be able to pass all the cruxes again in only 2 more climbing days, but the will to send was stronger than the fear. On the next climbing day I came back, fell on the first crux once, and finally, on the second go of the day, I fought up the whole 60 meters to the top.
This is for sure the most rewarding send I’ve ever made, and another big step for me to reach a new level. Grade-wise, I will go for the 9a+, although some people considered it to be rather soft. It simply felt one step above any 9a I’ve done, so for me at least the consensus of 9a/+ must be fitting.
Thanks for the support and the good times! @miro.enzenberger @marius_jauernik @franze37″

(c) Franz Kaiser