Es hatte sich ja schon im Frühjhr angedeutet, nun konnte Solveig Korherr, mit „Cabane au Canada“ (9a)  ihre erste 9a-Route klettern. Die Route befindet sich im Schweizerischen Klettergebiet Rawyl am Lac de Tseuzier im Kanton Wallis.

Sie ist damit nach Chiara Hanke und Martina Demmel die dritte Frau, der dies gelang.

„I couldn’t have wished for a better route and place to fulfill a longterm dream of mine! I‘m so freaking happy to call „La cabane au Canada“ my first 9a! After struggling with the big move in the upper part last year, I was very surprised to feel a lot stronger this time and to find a new and better beta! 2 days this year + 4 days last year.

Thanks Tini for the support and the sending belay!

Since I spent a bit of time in Rawyl last year and already climbed the route „La cabane au Paradis“ which is the neighbor of „La cabane au Canada“ and shares the same lower part, I knew instantly that I wanted to come back and climb this impeccable line!

After falling a few times in the upper part of Cabane au Canada last year and struggling quite a bit with one move which was very low-percentage and big for me, I was doubting myself if I could do this part from the ground after having already 25 meters of harder climbing in my arms.

When I came back this year I wanted to be well prepared and came straight out of a longer training cycle. The difference I felt was almost insane – being able to recover much better in the lower part and finding a new beta for the upper crux. I was totally surprised that the tiny intermediate I used for the big move I could now lock off and reach the next hold in a much more static and safe way.

That gave me a lot of confidence and I knew with a good mindest it’s totally in my ability and in the end, I think this route couldn’t have fit me better!“

Foto: (c) Hannes Tell.vertical