In the sector „La Plage“ in Buoux exist a route bolted by Marc Le Menestrel in the year 1991. The project named „chantier“ or „Le Bombé Bleu“. The slovakian climber juraj Recka asserted, he had the first acsent of the route. From the acsent exist no video, almost no significant pictures. The ascent was questioned by Ben Moon, because after inspecting the route shortly after the doubted ascent he claimed that there have been only little leftovers of chalk and rubber on the footholds. Too less in his opinion for a long or longer session on a route, that – regarding it’s possible grade – must be a time intensive project. Ben himself – as he further said – was far away of doing the moves. Ben and other disbelieve the ascent from Juraj. Please try it ;-)!

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Photo: Sector „La Plage“ in Buoux (c) JirkaS by