Antoine Kauffmann sends the 7th ascent of ‚No pain no gain‚ in Rodallar, Spain. For Antoine it was his first 9a+ route. The evaluation is not entirely certain. The Frenchman Seb Bouin only needed three tries for a successful ascent and downgraded the route to 9a.

„« No pain no gain » those words ring in my ears and I can’t stop repeating them, trying to convince myself. I close my eyes and read the route for the 50th time or more. And then I start climbing… This time it’s different, the routes feels easier, I do the first crux easily, I feel relax and confident. Then comes the last part of the route. I get pumped but there are only 6 more moves, 5, 4 , 3, 2 “I’m gonna fall, no way!” I keep focus, twist my hips, use my kneebar and scream as hell while doing the last move. I’m there resting on a good jug staring at the final section: about 7c route. “You’r going to do it! Keep calm”. No surprise in the end of the route, I clip the anchor, yell, take a deep breath and yell again before being overcome with emotions. „I needed it more than everything as a way to take my revenge against all my troubles of thoses last years: Pain in competition were I can’t perform. Pain of 5 tore pulley. Pain to find my way in studies. Pain of feeling alone in my projects. Today I clip the anchor as I turn a page of my life, reaping the fruits of my commitment: Gain of finding new sports goals that’s suits me way better. Gain to overcome all my injuries and keep improving. Gain, finding the studies I love. And above all, gain finding super good friends and my wife that support me in every situation. As I reach the end of my greatest sport achievement, I now feel ready to start a new and more ambitious project. Becoming dad of our little girl coming in November: Camille Thanks alot for support in this adventure: @simonlorenzi @sven.lempereur.3 @timmermansloic @nicolas_collin98 @flodelcoigne @thomas_salakenos who I shared all my sensations every day with. Olivier Rouquette for is inconditionnal support @dave_graham_ , @alizee_dufraisse , @sergioverdasco and @maragdagabarre , for cheerings and inspiration. @sebertheclimber for belaying, pictures  and the travel to Spain just for being part of the adventure. And above all, @climbinforevermade who understand me more than everybody else and who belived in me even when I didn’t.“