The two professional climbers Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher have launched a petition to save the Lorüns climbingcrag in Vorarlberg Austria. The name of the route „Sprengstoff“ by Jacopo Larcher referred to the uncertain future of the climbing crag, as it is located on the property of Steinbruch Lorüns GmbH, which could dismantle the climbing crag.

Barbara Zangerl managed the second free ascent of the old project of climbing legend Beat Kammerlander. The climbing crag is the meeting point of the international climbing scene and is one of the most beautiful and oldest sport climbing areas in Austria and Vorarlberg.

The future of the crag has been on the brink for a long time and the situation doesn’t get any better when the company submitted an application for clearing the site. Should the quarry company get serious, a large part of the routes would be affected by mining. Also, use as a quarry would only be a one-time, destructive and consuming use, while the use as a climbing crag would be a permanent and sustainable use, which would have a sustainable and macroeconomic aspect due to the tourist use of the area.

Please support the concerns of the two professional climbers: „Save the climbing crag Lorüns“ at