Nachdem Alexander Megos sich die erste Wiederholung von „King Kapella“ 9b(+) im spanischen Klettergebiet Siurana holen konnte, war er jetzt im selben Sektor  in der Route „Furia De Jabali“ erfolgreich. Es war ebenso die erste Wiederholung der Route, welche der junge Deutsche nach 7 Tagen in der Tasche hatte. Die Route „Furia De Jabali“ konnte William Bosi ebenso wie King Kapella“ im Frühjahr erstbegehen.

„Another very crimpy @will_bosi test piece at the Capella sector went down today! It cost me 3 bleeding tips, but it was worth it .
I also tried this route once in March, after Will did it, but back then I couldn’t do one move. After doing King Capella I dedicated some time and managed to do all the moves with a slightly different beta. On day 5 I pretty much did all the hard bit, but it was so cold that I couldn’t keep it together. Three days later, on day 7 I fought my way up. It was not pretty, but it counts .
Thank you so much @jenya_kazbekova for the encouragement, all the cold and very cold belays.
Thank you @will_bosi for putting up all those hard routes here!

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Foto: (c) Jenya_Kazbekova